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Spending a night watching a Michael McIntyre is bound to be of interest to all of his fans out there who love him for his amusing take on life. It is even better when you are able to put the DVD down and watch him live in concert.

Michael McIntyreIf you have never seen Michael McIntyre perform live you really are missing out on a show that is comedy gold. His shows are absolutely hilarious and he has been entertaining audiences for many years now.

Going to Wembley Arena to see a comedy act is something very special and if you are into the comedy of Michael McIntyre this is one night out that you do not want to miss.

Watching a comedian on a DVD is fine, but you don’t really get the feeling that you will experience when you go and see them live.

Sitting in Wembley Arena with thousands of other families truly memorable experience and you will be rolling in the aisles one Michael starts his comedy routine. So if you have been a fan for some time and you have not managed to catch this man live before it really is time that you did.

For the new 2012 tour Michael McIntyre will have all new material which is good news for anyone who has seen him live in person or on DVD before. The show that you will be watching will contain all of Michael McIntyre very latest stand-up routines and you will not stop laughing from the moment he comes on stage until the moment he goes off to your applause.

Check AvailabilityUsually his act lasts for between one and a half to two hours and during this time he will take you on a comedy journey through his life and you will get to know more about his likes and dislikes and so much more.

Make sure that you book your ticket for his Wembley Arena show or you will be very disappointed that you have missed out on all of the fun. Book online to ensure that you have your seat for his side splitting performance. View Ticket Prices >>