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Disney on Ice is the perfect way for Disney fans to see many of their favourite characters and enjoy an ice show that is out of this world at the same time.

Disney on IceThe theme for the 2012 show is Princesses and Heroes and during this you will see some of the most well known Disney Princesses and their Heroes performing to songs that have been made famous by the popular Disney films.

You will watch as Ariel yearns to escape her life underwater and watch as Prince Eric is able to battle with the evil Ursula to break her spell over his beloved. Prince Philip will defeat Maleficent in order to win the heart of his true love Aurora who is his Sleeping Beauty.

Also included in the show are Jasmine and Aladdin in a special dance sequence that will melt even the coldest of hearts. You will also see Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Tiana take to the ice as they dance to some of the most well known songs from all of your favourite films. As a special treat for all of you Disney fans out there you will also see one of the newest Disney princesses of all –Rapunzel.

As you would think this is an event that is suitable for anyone who loves Disney films. Children of all ages will be enthralled as they see their favourite characters take the ice and perform some of the most spectacular moves.

Check AvailabilityWatch as they glide effortlessly across the ice, gasp as they perform amazing leaps and acrobatics. One thing is sure when you see this show you will want to go back time and time again to watch Disney On Ice. You can go and watch a fantastic performance at Wembley Arena and as you would expect it will be incredibly popular with adults and children alike.

To make sure that you do not miss a second of the fantastic Disney show you should book well in advance. They are available to book online. View Ticket Prices >>